Shop800.jpgMy workshop. I built this with help from a friend and finishing by a local contractor.

AssemblyTable800.jpg4′ x 8′ Assembly Table with built-in Vacuum Table for sanding and finishing.

4Lamps800.jpgLED table lamps made with solid wood blocks and custom electronics.

FloatingTopSideTable800.jpgFloating Top Table. The top floats on super magnets and will support a half-litre drink without bottoming out. This one is made with Roasted Maple legs, Tapped Sugar Maple shelf, and Quilted Maple top. It is finished with Livos Natural Oil.

DeskDone800.jpgMy most recent project - a desk for my shop office. All the joints were made on the CNC. Maple, Walnut, and Bloodwood are accented by an incised epoxy raven. Finishes are Livos Natural Oil for the drawers and bases, Rubio Monocoat for the top.

RoundTuits800.jpgA fun project in response to a comment on the VCarve Forum. I have also made smaller ones as give-aways.

Heart800.jpgAnother response to a post on the Vectric website. Thanks Beki!